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After graduating from Chiropractic college in Toronto Dr. Stapleton set his sights on a move to the Okanagan.  The beauty of the area had inspired him since he was a child when his family would vacation in the area.  Originally from Ontario, Dr. Stapleton found that Dr. Penner and the team at KLO chiropractic were a great match as colleagues and for his treatment style. From there the clinic in Peachland has been established and Dr. Stapleton has enjoyed integrating himself into this wonderful community.

Dr. Stapleton strives not only to relieve painful symptoms but works hard to empower patients to achieve a higher level of function. In addition to this, he believes that Chiropractic fits in very well with other health care providers and enjoys working with these professionals to put his patients’ health care needs first.

Dr. Stapleton comes from a family of medical doctors and found during his pre-med undergraduate degree that the more holistic nature of Chiropractic better suited his interests. Dr. Stapleton is a true outdoor enthusiast, being an avid snowboarder, golfer and cyclist. He has found that Chiropractic treatments mixed with healthy living can help people to stay active in all of their endeavors. Dr. Stapleton enjoys creating regimens to assist his patients in fulfilling all of their active pursuits.

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Dr. Peter Stapleton (Chiropractor)

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Arriving from England in 1998, Nick first became interested in massage therapy while being treated for a Rugby injury.  A few years later, after completing studies at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy 2004, he began his practice at Utopia Health and Wellness Centre, quickly establishing an extensive client base and helping his patients recover from a wide range of injuries and ailments.

Nick is delighted to start his new practice in the Central Okanagan, an area he has come to know very well as an avid participant in bicycle races over the years. As a committed therapist he looks forward to helping his patients achieve improved health and wellness.

It means that our practitioners use the newest hands on and scientifically researched methods, proven to provide quicker healing times and pain relief. We pride ourselves in working with other health care professionals including your medical doctor, to get you imaging or lab tests. No gimmicks, no sales tactics. Just results. Health care should benefit you, not us.


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Dr. Penner practiced two years in San Jose, California before moving to Kelowna in 1992. He is grateful to have gained the trust of many health care professionals and appreciates the combined efforts in treating mutual patients health care needs.

Dr. Penner was fortunate to take his pre-med program in Alberta on a hockey scholarship. His original direction was medical school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon. After chiropractic care was successful in helping him recover from a hockey injury it created the curiosity and interest of pursuing a career in chiropractic.

Over his years Dr. Penner has always respected the individual needs of each patient. His goal is to focus on applicable conditions within the scope of chiropractic and offer treatment and suggestions that are evidence based. 

The practitioners at Peachland Lakeside Chiropractic and Massage Therapy will strive to help you no matter what your health goals are. Tired of getting home from golf in pain? Don't want to be sore for days following a hike? Need that little boost of motivation? Come on in for an evidence based treatment and leave feeling like you have been cared for by true health professionals. 

Catherine graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy after completing 3000 academic and 500+ practical hours of study. This program of study has been recognised as the most highly accredited program in North America.   She was registered with College of Massage Therapy of BC in the fall of 2004.  Since that time she has developed a successful private family practice in Maple Ridge, BC and participates in continuing education workshops in order to remain current and informed of ongoing research. 

Catherine is turning her dream of living in the Okanagan into reality and has relocated her office to Peachland, BC.  This family practice will provide clinical therapeutic massage therapy, remedial exercise and patient education for a broad range of conditions. Catherine’s goal is to help individuals recover from injury as well as to provide education and support encouraging their ongoing effort toward optimal health. 

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